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Jrock (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2004 at 8:38pm
Subject: Stuffs
Heylo minna-san. Sorry I havent been updating. ^_^ Um Would you guys like to do a monthly poll type thing on here? Like every month I change the layout and you guys pic what wallpaper I use? Would that be cool? Get back to me on that.

To new members: This is my coolbeans, random Asian love community. ^_^ Welcome. It could be our super nifty Asian Cock Club if you guys want too. ^_^ Um..go to my profile and answer those questions. If you wanna add anything else, do so. I think thats it for now.

Love ya guys and thanx for joining once again. ^_^

Aishiteru <3
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01-16-04 5:35pm

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::huggies::, 01-16-04 5:43pm

i think the monthly thing sounds good!
u have hte best ideas!!!!!

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01-16-04 6:04pm

I am a proud member of the Asian Cock Club! And the monthly poll is a great idea! ^_^

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Re:, 01-16-04 6:21pm

yay!! ::huggs:: dont forget to fill out that survey thing..

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