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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2004 at 4:11pm
Current mood: amused...
Music: Seventh Star...hahaha
Subject: Today in church...
98 Freightliner Semi-Truck
14000ft/lbs of torque
7 tons of power
a steal for $134,000!!!
Jesse was bored today in church...i told him before that he better find me a this is what he came up with...he is so goin to get me in trouble in church one of these days, i laugh so hard everytime i sit next to him im surprised i dont get slapped by the people around me...
*batting cages in PO
*drove around town with mi padre
its been an amusing day...

Tonight at 8- TheDigProject at CPC...if u have nothing to do tonight come listen to these guys...i have no idea if theyre good but i would be pretty bored now so im going...

necestio un coche...
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01-18-04 5:08pm

NECESITO un coche---o QUIERO un coche... haha HEATHER the TRUCKER ... hahaha.... jesse quien?? lol batting cages huh?? without us!??!?!?! :P hope you werent practicing your bunting--dont want you getting better than me!!!DigProject huh?? interesting! ILL be there! haha ! im diggin it! lol alright got to go!

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