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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2004 at 7:40pm
Music: Story of the Year "Until the day I Die"
LOL today i dyed my hair pink! heck yeah. I can't believe my parents let me. I dropped by Sammie's house and was actually let inside. that was a shock. I heard something about james and I kinda feel bad that he feels that way. *shrugs* but there isn't much i can do. I've had a pretty nice 3 day break tho. although i haven't really done much. haven't even been able to spend time wiht anyone cause they've all and i do mean all, been busy. *shrugs* i was playing a game with the rents about movies and it was actually kinda amusing. well i guess i'll get back to playing...
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01-18-04 9:09pm

Pink!? Awesome!

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01-23-04 9:48pm

i don't think i have anything planned for sat. night or sun. so if you still wanna hang out and the weather isn't too bad it might be a possibility. call me if you get this before sat. night.

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