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jrock (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2004 at 10:20pm
Subject: EEP!!
We arent talking enough in here!!! ::cries:: T_T ugh...Lets talk aboot some Azn Cock!!! ^_^ lol...

....or not. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do in here? LOL Cuz I dont have a clue. Ummz anyone see any good Animes recently? Or heard any good bands/songs?

Also, what band do you guys want as the layout next month? You tell me the band, Ill find some wallpapers and we'll vote on which one we like, ok? SO GET BACK TO ME ON IT!!!! ::cries::

Aishiteru <3
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01-18-04 10:35pm

I just saw Pet Shop of Horrors yesterday.

I'm obsessed with Guster now.

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Re:, 01-18-04 10:44pm

I love that anime...I have the special edition!! I <3 Count D...hes SO cool!!

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Re: yay, 01-20-04 7:05pm

aww i love that anime its soo cool

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01-18-04 11:15pm

I just bought Excel Saga disk two the other day. Its cool.

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Re:, 01-20-04 6:26pm

is it any good? you should IM me sometime!! GoshikkuKlaha

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