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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2004 at 8:03pm
Current mood: unhappy
Music: Death for Cutie
Subject: The sugary smell of spring time...
bleh. not best mood. not looking forward to eagle-ettes tmrw AND sat AND mon AND tues AND thurs.

my mom and i have been trying to get me a summer counseling job. I hope something works out! Fire island is my last resort for a job. I kinda want to go back, kinda not. It probably won't happen anyway...

Subway = gooood. And i'm liking death cab more :)

stupid people in spanish...
mrs. french "what does 'tengo miedo' mean"
someone: um...i want to die?

ay. caramba
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01-22-04 8:23pm

lol. <3

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01-22-04 8:37pm

i love it.

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01-22-04 10:09pm




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