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pinkpenguin (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2002 at 9:47pm
Current mood: funny
Music: uhh
Subject: A conversation with my mom.
StaceyW126: it s 9:38
StaceyW126: just so you know
Jessalyn62: ok
Jessalyn62: i know i asked andy and i changed the cock
Jessalyn62: clock
Jessalyn62: oops lol
StaceyW126: ha
Jessalyn62: woops. just call me butterfingers.

Um.. Oops! :) hahaha.
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12-09-02 8:29pm

wow, that is so incredibly funny!

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12-09-02 9:07pm

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA< I just fell out of my chair.

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Re:, 12-09-02 9:28pm


Yeah. :)

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