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michelle-bell (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2004 at 3:48pm
yoo! i just got home from tgi friday's with molly, kait, katie, ashley & taran for molly's birthday. it was fun! im sooo full right now, it's not even funny! i got a chicken ceasar salad & split a brownie obsession with ran.. niiiiice =) i have to say the best part of the night was when the weird balloon man came over & made us all balloons.. very interesting. inappropriate at times, but interesting. i got a flower. then he lost his cell phone & when katie gave it back he made her another balloon in return.. *lol* fun stuff!

school was pretty go0d today! i was in a good mood. 1st block we did whatever.. i just studied & went on the internet. 2nd block i had my driver's exam.. *94* baby!! =P 3rd block sucked extremely. 4 block was chem & i didn't have to take the quiz.. cuz im just that smart. =P nah, i dunno why i didnt have to take it, something with my grades.. all i know is she said "kimmy doesn't have to take it".. fine with me =) then we got the quiz back from last class & i got a 10O =) yep, so that was my day.

tomorrow is sapna's for the night, then sunday im stuck doing homework =( it's supposed to *snOw* though, so that would be awesome! alrighty.. im gonna go watch a movie or clean my room or something..

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I Think My Eyes Are Starting To Water..., 02-04-04 1:46am

*Looks at Avatar/Picture* *Drools Uncontrollably* *Changes Shorts*

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Re: I Think My Eyes Are Starting To Water..., 02-05-04 10:49pm

Oh really???

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04-17-04 1:05pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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