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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2004 at 1:18pm
Wow, is Miramax pissed or what! Cold Mountain failed to score a Best Picture Nomination, AND Best Director for Anthony Minghella AND Best Actress for Nicole Kidman!! Jude and Renee are still there, and it still has 7 total noms, but Harvey Weinstein's going to be raging mad for the entire year!

Is Seabiscuit really that good?

Yay for Johnny Depp! And Pirates for 6! noms.

Yay for Djimon Hounsou!

Too bad for Maria Bello.

Finding Nemo will obliterate the competition. HA! Country Bears and Triplets of Belleville? Wha?

No Scarlett Johansson. No Cate Blanchett. No Russell, or Tom. Nice to see some In America and American Splendor noms. Has 21 Grams even been released? But good for Naomi Watts.

LOTR has 11 nominations. I was actually kind of disappointed. It received:
Best Picture
Adapted Screenplay
Sound Mixing
Original Song
Visual Effects
Art Direction
Film Editing

But no acting nom for Sean, which was rather unlikely anyway. HOWEVER, NO CINEMATOGRAPHY nomination after winning TWICE?? Andrew Lesnie is a deserving god! NO SOUND EDITTING?? After, again, WINNING last year?
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01-28-04 10:04am

I haven't even heard of "Triplets of Belleville"... is that some indie release? I can swear I have never seen any advertisements ANYWHERE for that movie. lol So ya.. Nemo wins, hehe (and yes, I've finally watched it).

All the voting casted by people in the Academy? So that's fellow industry people?

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Re:, 01-28-04 12:36pm

The vote is indeed cast by industry people, but mostly old, retired, geriatric male farts. Obviously active people in the film industry can't vote due to conflict of interest. I don't think critics have any votes either. Hmmm, I should look around for more information...

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