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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2004 at 8:06pm
Music: usher, lil jon, ludacris - yeah
sometimes you gotta be fucked up to think straight

last weekend = no regrets

i'm out

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01-27-04 8:15pm

lol i wouldnt either babe hope to see u tomororw at the game dont forget to call em byes

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01-31-04 12:35pm

you + 20 yrs from now = livin on dixie walkin to the liquor store everynight and blowin your paycheck... but dont think im dissin you cause i aint, i love ya...
and hey at least you stayed away from crack and cocaine!!!

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02-01-04 1:57pm

lol wow.. eh, i dont think everynight lol, haha thats if i even have a job.. jk jk... but if thats who i think it is.. i love ya too!

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