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MizzPunkRockPrincess (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2003 at 9:31pm
Current mood: cranky
Music: Bon Jovi*Its My Life
Subject: Algebra
#14- Graph
Pt 1= 2,-1
Pt 2= -1. -2 1/2

#15- Graph
Pt. 1= 0,3
Pt. 2= 3,-4


-3x + 2/xp(xp) - 5x/x(x)(x)p

-3x(x)(x)(x)/1x(x)(x)(p)(p) + 2x(x)/xp(p)(x)(x) - 5x(p)/x(x)(x)p(p) =

-3x(x)(x)p(p) + 2x -5xp/x(x)(x)p(p)(p0


4/x+y - 3/y(y)

4(y)(y)/(x+y)y(y) - 3(x+y)/y(y)(x+y) =

4y(y) - 3(x+y)/y(y)(x+y)

Now you all try to figure out what that means. Cause it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to type it. You see, I was doing Bri-Bri's homework and she was doing mine....over the computer. Not an easy thing to do you know. Especially since you don't have squared, cubed or fractions on your computer...

Very disturbing is what it is.

My mom won't get her lazy ass away from work and take me over to my Step-Aunt's house. It would take her less than 20 minutes. But nooo, money and work are more important than my happiness.

Wrestling is the reason I want to go over there in the first place. WWE Armageddon is on tonight and I am DYING to see it. Chris Jericho is going to be facing Trish Stratus. It is going to be absolutely great!

I love Chris Jericho. He is about the hottest man alive! Seriously he is. I was watching Confidential last night and it showed him and Trish at the VGA's Pre-Pre-Pre Show. Where they showed alot of old games (ei. Mrs. Packman). They even created some games of their own! Very funny! He is wicked awesome and in a band called Fozzy...what more could ya want or need!

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