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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2004 at 7:36am
Current mood: depressed
Hmmm....dude its like 7:35 in hte morning lol but i gotta update now or i wont be able too for a while....anyways yeah i just found out that my friend likes Tom too....and thats okay but she told me they might go out and yeah that really made me sad. Im not mad at her but it just sucks cuz this is the ONE time i acctually REALLY like someone ((ive liked him scince september but i never said anything cuz he always had girlfriends)) and yeah she likes him so if thats the case then theirs no chance for us. THIS is EXACTLY WHY i always say im never gonna start liking never works out and i always end up getting hurt before theres even an idea of anything getting started. well i gotta go latter kiddies-
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LEAH...!!!, 01-28-04 3:04pm

leah first off i dont hate you. lol i love you! and blah about that tom thing. just blah... its awakard. i mean even i have a microscopic crush on him but yea i dont like him like you and tiff. well dont be depressed, cheer up things are bound to get better, ha thats what joel always says. lol



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