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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2004 at 6:08pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: Clay "Invisible"
life is a song, except you can't rehearse...
with every verse...
it justs gets worse.

-buffy musical. lol

hrmm. too much damn IB work! we're alllll feeling the pressure and i so should not be updating. argh. once friday is over....well. no. cuz u know, i have eagle-ettes on saturday...once SATURDAY is over, i'll be able to relax...a little.

keep ur spirits up...the end of this week shall come soon...

the bear wants out too...
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01-28-04 9:17pm

i wish i could hibernate like a bear right now.

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01-29-04 3:34pm

yea i keep saying that once i get past thursday everything will be ok... but now its thursday afternoon. and what am i doing?? studying!! this never ends!!!... ::sigh:: at least this weekend will be a break... no wait it wont... babysitting, football parties, church and a freakin "proyecto" for spanish class on monday!!! with oral presentation, a poster, and an essay. YIPPEE!!

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