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pinkplayboi1433 (profile) wrote,
on 1-30-2004 at 7:26am
Current mood: naughty
Music: godsmack- i stand alone
Subject: JUSTIN
ya so once again im goin out with just. lol. but i do relly like him! so fuck all you pple that think i am only goin out with him just to get back at joey or something like that! FUCK YOU! justin i luv you soo much and i dont care what anyone else says! i hope you hand feels better. and ya...fuck all u wo want to kik my ass for something that happened a long time ago. or those who want to kik my ass bc im goin out with justin. or just want to kik my ass. i like him for who he is and how he traets me. i luv you babe!

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