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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 1-31-2004 at 12:33am
Subject: My Doll
Don't stutter too much
Make sure you don't choke
If the mistakes pile up
You'll be labelled a joke

Fix up your hair
Clean up your clothes
When you're not careful
You're humanity shows

Make your smile wider
Always stand up straight
Win the love of others
Don't punish those you hate

No you cannot cry
You're perfect, can't you see?
Be my doll, and dance forever
There's no such thing as free

In Response
The words hang on my lips
I'm afraid to take a breath
I must not mess this up
He'll deny me of my death

Everything is tidy
Not a wrinkle is in sight
I will not show a weakness
But I'm losing so much might

My face hurts from smiling
My back is starting to ache
But I have to make them love me
Even if I am a fake

No tears will stain my face
I'm perfect, can't you see?
Porcelain and fragile
It's the way I'll always be
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01-31-04 2:30am

I love both of the poems Kate, your rhyming makes it flow so well and it shows how much work you put into it, im jealous. I'll be the first to buy your poetry book :)

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01-31-04 2:45am

That's beautiful, Kate.

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