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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2004 at 2:36pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: my sister crying!
u kno what are the two most tru statements taht i've read in tha past two minutes?? 1.~no matta wat happens
ima stay by ur side~
best friends foreva
thats how we ride~
( taht's me n elyse, and me n chandelle i luv ya muh girls)

2. ~A kiss is just a kiss till you find some one you love~ A hug is just a hug till its the one your thinking of~ A dream is just a dream till you make it come true~ Love is just a word until its proven to you~
(n that's for my babi boi)
i'm so pissed cuz courtney was tlakin to me about my bf n said he was only goin out wit me cuz i begged him n that shit ain't tru i would neva beg a guy i'm not that desprate!! hun i'm not ugly but i ain't tha hottest girl but i can still get a guy when i want i don't understand !?! y do people lie?? tahts my big argument for tha day lying!! it suks god i wish i could be happy like elyse but it's not workin out!! damn my life suks!
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02-01-04 2:48pm

I AM SOOOOO SORRY AND U KNOW IM HERE 4 YOU.. and aww what u said means alot 2 me!! :oD dont worry you will be happy soon.. trust me!!! I love ya! and hope luva boi treats u right and u stay 2gether and are happy.. if u need me IM me im alwayz on or call me lol ok!! I found a quote that relates to you.. i think.. ok here it is:
I knew we`d be friends right from the start
"Friends forever" we said "Never to part"
You were there for me and i was there for you
When we were happy, scared, confused,
and ecspecially blue
We started out with dressup, singing, and toys
Then we grew up into makeup, clothes, and boys
We had our fights and many bad times
But we always made up after a short time
Then one day i did something dumb
Ever since then i have felt so numb
I cant stand not being your freind
I feel like my life is goin to end
What i did was dumb and stupid to
I would do anything to make it up to you
I cant say how sorry I am
I really hope we can be freinds again.

well much love <3
(u already know who this is!) lol

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02-01-04 9:08pm

ok the only problem is that im not lying and i wasnt trying to rat him out I said it and khaleigh typed it but he staright out said she begged me and then i got mad at him 4 saying he didnt care bout me and then he waz like all talkin to me and sayin shyt and I go so wat the hell happened w/ taryn and begging and he goes she waz like begging me 2 go out w/ her and u can call me a liar and he can call me a liar w/e cuz I kno it will be like yesterday hell tell u im a liar ill go talk to him and hell say god damn y u g2 tell taryn everything yup yup w/e i dont care nemore it pisses me off whne I say no im not gonna tell u cuz ull say I lie and then ur like n tell me and I do and then like this shyt goes on wtf ever u wanna talk about lying go talk to ur b/f

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