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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2004 at 9:02pm
Music: Brian McComas- You're in my head
Hey guys! OMG...the concert was awesome!! Very first concert....and probably the best concert ever. Well I didnt like gettin checked with that metal detector was funny tho cuz me Shama n Tabi didnt know what to do. We went to our seats after that. We were early so there wasnt that many people there and it was easy to find our seats. We went to the bathroom like 5 times...haha. We bought all kinds of things at the booth place. I bought 2 shirts, 3 keychains and 1 pic of RF and 1 of Brian. I spent over $70...but hey it was okay, lol. Cledus T. Judd came out first. He was pretty funny...talking trash about Natalie from the Dixie Chicks and talking good about Toby was great. Anyways he sang a few songs and came out a couple different times. Then the hotness McComas is really awesome. He was better than I thought he would be. He sang like 3 or 4 songs I think...I like the song called something like.."Middle of Nowhere" I'm pretty much gonna be gettin his cd the next time I go to town. They had too many breaks during the show before Rascal Flatts came out...but it was worth love them! They are so awesome. I miss them so much. The concert was completely awesome. Some girl got to smack Jay's butt and another girl got to hug J.D...that was so un-called for and not cool, some people are so darn lucky...LOL...I sat in between Tabi n Shama so I knew what was going on with both of them...and something funny that happened to Shama...was a woman pulling her down off of her chair...I know Shama was mad but u couldnt help but laugh...she turned around to that woman and was like "STUPID B***H!" It was great..u just hadda be there. J.D is my favorite one of them...Jay is Tabi's. I think he might be Shama's too. After the concert, it started snowing a whole lot and we were all wishing for no school on Friday. We went to McDonalds and on the way there....these like 2 skanky boys were in a car driving beside us and they were like telling us to call them and that was pretty could we call them...not knowing their number...anyways...they kept waving when they went by...and Tabi, being how she the bright idea to wave back, was funny, we screaming and laughing...we all are such thought they were gonna follow us to McDonalds...thank God they didnt. haha...Anyways, Shama talked to Skank aka Cody like the whole way home and it was still pouring the snow...the roads were getting covered and it was scary going up the two hills to get to my house...VERY scary...even tho I had a blast I was glad to be home...of course I got on the internet and I watched the news and there was only a delay for school but I was so happy when i realized I slept in 'til like 12 the next school!! LoL....this is a very long entry...haha...but yeah I was grounded yesterday. I would have updated then but ya know now...I kinda couldnt. Anyways Me and Shama n Skank r going to Shania Twain and Emerson Drive concert May 13th...that should be fun...LoL. Amanda just told me a couple hours ago about a Kenny Chesney concert...we really need to go!! It would be way'm going home with Shama tomorrow and going to the games...hopefully no more snow! lol, but yeah, I think that I need to stop typing my life story...oh 1 more thing...yesterday I went to the movies and watched "win a date with tad hamilton" it was great! haha...TTYL...bye bye!!
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02-02-04 2:06pm

Rascal Flatts and Brian McComas were awesome! I hope we all can see them again sometime =] Jay is freakin hot! Haha!


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Re:, 02-02-04 2:09pm

Haha yeah he is hot...Joe Don pretty much is too!!

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