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spud (profile) wrote,
on 1-16-2002 at 2:44pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: WGRD
Subject: update

just to update those who are interested, my conquest of the moosetracks ice cream is not going as i'd hoped. i've discovered (to my dismay) that the freezer in the land of "THE LA TRATTORIA" has been purged of all applicable ice creams. also, due to my necessary leave of absence, for reasons that do not concern you, i will not be able to seek it (have my mom go shopping) until i return from the buisness at hand. i am disappointed, but have not yet lost all hope in my quest. i also encourage all my allies in the war of the ever expanding waistline to not give up while i am away. i will return bigger, stronger, and better than ever to finally defeat the foe!
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