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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2004 at 11:57pm
Current mood: stoked
Music: Mingus
Subject: My first paying gig! Holy shit!
My mom picked me up when I got off work tonight at 9:30, and said I got a phone call from Addison Gilbert. That was a shock. The hardcore drum teacher with the coked up eyes called my house. Weird. I called him back to find out what he wanted. Apparently he was looking for a bari sax player, and Mr. Lerner recomended me, and spoke very highly of my playing abilities. Mr. G is the pit orchestra director for all the Olympic Heights musicals. To fill the pit, he hires professionals for the lead parts, gets the best OH kids to play the other parts, and he recruits from other schools to fill in whatever parts are left.

He asked Mr Lerner for a bari sax player, and Lerner told him I was the man. Hard-fucking-core. Olympic Heights does serious musicals. This year it is the broadway musical "Me and My Girl." He said it's about three hours long, and they use the real scripts and music, not the watered down high-school versions. He was telling me all about it, and I couldn't stop thinking like "Holy Shit." Opening night is in the beginning of March, and I'd have to go to rehersal every thursday. not a problem.

I was saying a few weeks ago about how happy I'd be to just play some good music for free, like the jazz combo Chris O'Brien was trying to set up at Pineapple Grove. Mr G. said it pays a measly $100. Holy shit, bells, whistles, and cash register cha-chings were going off in my head. My first paying gig at a professional level..... hell, my first paying gig. Wow. This post is just all incoherent babble, but I'm just really excited. I'm just suprised that Mr. Lerner thinks I'm capeable of something like this. I wouldn't have thought so, but then again, I am my hardest critic. Mr. G. was telling me all abotu when Kevin Blum played with his orchestra 2 years ago, and how great he thought it was. Oh man. This is a new level for me. Nice. I'm done.
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02-03-04 4:37pm

Gilbert is telling the truth. OHHS musicals are sooooo much fun to be in the pit for. I'm actually wearing the t-shirt from 42nd Street (my senior year) right now. You'll have a blast. And yes, the scripts and music and scenery and everything are the real deal. My junior year, they had a working elevator since the original show called for a song to start with the lead going to work. Go you! You'll enjoy it. Also, say hi to my sister, Amanda. She's dance captain, student director, assistant to the director, and is in a song or two.

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02-03-04 6:18pm

Oh man my cousin Chris is in that play

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02-03-04 6:31pm

Sounds like a sweet deal. Congrats!

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02-04-04 8:24pm

Dude. My grandparents go to every single one of the OHS musicals because they're so great. And they've only ever attended one band concert of mine.

Uh. Yeah.

Let us know when it is!

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