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pinkpenguin (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2002 at 7:56pm
Current mood: angry
right now....

life = suck

I have an essay due monday that I have not started...

People who I thought agreed with me don't anymore...

I haven't even begun packing for Florida and I know I will be too lazy to do it during the week and I will end up forgetting something vital.

I don't even know what the essay is supposed to be about...

The basement is a diaster area and we're having people over tomorrow...(that's in the back of my mind)

My family is decorating the Christmas tree and I'm not...I'm sitting here. Crud.
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12-14-02 9:24pm

Jess...grr...I said I do agree. I just was suggesting you do something. You know I'm not on either side. You're my bestfriend, and I love you too peices over ANYONE!

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12-14-02 10:37pm

hey, well, it's not so bad for you, I'm coocoo for cocoa puffs, yeah, that's right, COO COO!!

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ok, 12-15-02 5:40am

Added u to my friends list.


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