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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2004 at 10:03pm
Current mood: enthused
Music: Gavin degraw
Subject: You say u wanna be with me
this wknd {nights} should be fun...looking forward to it! :)

today: boring-ness + scurry people at lunch. bus pics.

my grandma has arrived. she's already chattered away about all the topics i know she will repeat for the new few days. we went to chocolate decadence (a bunch of dessert/chocolate/random things that get together one night and have lots of booths with samples. yum). Mis padres were there. I went around, ate stuff...obviously. Came home. now i shall sleep. love to my lovers. <3
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02-07-04 6:12pm

haha cute journal. i love it man

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