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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2004 at 3:47pm
Current mood: immensely tired....
Music: Yellowcard- uhh whatever # 3 is...
Subject: Its all about the game...
Last night went to the Kanon concert at Riverbend...lots of people from la escuela were was mucho divertido...spent the night at mandy's and had to get up at dang 8'o clock for was at the fields till like 12 and then went to clean up the math and mandy raced to see who could clean the fastest...she def won...we got done early so we were waiting for mi madre watching the math kids roll pennies down the halls...we got scared and decided to walk to wal mart lol now im finally home...and need a nap...but have tons of chores to do....and probably homework that im not doing....
Feb.28th- Relient K- Audio Adrenaline concert and others in Lakeland...meeting at my church at 3...u should go...even if u think theyre horrible good times will be had...

*Have u ever noticed how many people have names that are the months of the year...april, may, gunna name my daughter november...and nickname her novvy...hahaha okkk*
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02-07-04 5:54pm

Oh dude the math kids are..... amazing.... haha told you itd take 5 minutes! : P lol Yeah never got to that nap huh?? haha we'll get lots of sleep tongiht.. being that we have nothing to do... hahaha ... Yeah Man Relient K ---by the way anytime you go anywhere me and heath go... good times will be had.. : D hehe

*wowo that was random... haha *

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Heya!, 02-11-04 8:23pm

Hey Heath.. I was wondering about that Reliant K concert you and Manda are going to. When is it? I kinda wanna go.. ;) Any room for me in your carpool? lol Talk to ya later!
*Your old Math buddy*

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