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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2004 at 5:11pm
Current mood: tired yet dirrty
Music: say i yi yi - yin yang twins
hey what's ^ i got home from guard like 2 hours ago omg it was hard my thighs hurt like hell owww lol oh well i hurt my hand when i threw a triple on my rifle n it hurt like a mofo it was swollen n purple but that's ok i'll deal wit it bobbie was supposed to come over but i didn't call her we were gonna go to target n get black cheerleading shorts n write "UGLY" on the butt in white it's gonna be funny i guess since we didn't do it today we'll do it tomorrow or somethin' i dunno yet!?! ummmmm........... o ya i might go to tn tonight if my mom ever comes home n i can ask her if i'm alowed to go she'll prolly say no but it's worth a try it's it chandelle wants me to go n so does april n janielle o ya i gotta call janielle n ask her what time she's goin i mean i kno when it starts but i don't kno what time she's goin or what time she's leavin i think i might call bobbie n ask her if she wants to go to tn for her first time too ( april is goin for the first time) lol hey elyse i'm sryy i didn't say tarynn after every sentence that would be alot!! lol that was funny yesterday when u were on tha fone wit ryan n u kept sayin taryn hehee good times n then with ty n u kept hangin up on him lol better times god i wish i had a bf i mean vday is like next friday not even a week away i want brad to be my bf sooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!! it's not even funny i luv him so much!!!!! y does frank gotta ruin everything oh well i'll talk to brad lata i gtg peeps i luv u all i'll ttyl muahz ~ LiL t
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02-08-04 4:44pm

itz not franks fault that brad didnt like u frank is the only one that told u I talked to frank adn frank told me that he talked to brad and brad said he didnt like u nemore and that he didnt wanna go out w/ u nemore so frank told u even if every other wrd waz skank ho and itz not like frank made brad not like u cuz brad told me the 1st nite he waz goin out w/ u that he didnt like u and that waz be4 frank new so dont blame this on frank cuz he didnt do nething all he did waz tell u

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