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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2004 at 12:31am
Current mood: happy!
Music: Jet
Subject: par-tay
this weekend was sooo awesome :)

friday w. christine, katherine, christina, and rachel. toys r us + fridays. that was so nice, was xtina's "birthday." tehe. <3

natalia's party...whoa. lol. "good times, good times" as sunil would say. dancing and god knows what pics r on everyone's digi cam :)

today: econnnnn reading. argh. and other hw. :-(

thanks everyone who was with me for a greeeat wknd :)

click here for the {many} pics of the wknd

yes. i am digi-cam obsessed.

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02-08-04 5:53pm

aww!. you guys had so much fun at the party. =)

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02-08-04 5:54pm

<3in the hotness! wish i coulda seen it.

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Re:, 02-08-04 6:22pm

thanks :)

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