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JustADreamer (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2004 at 6:56pm
Current mood: .. -blink-
Music: Fruba Theme
Subject: Yay!
Heh... I hope this will work out.. -Tries to recruit..-

Anyway. I love Fruits Basket! And Kyo.. He... is mine.. Bwahahahaha! ... Yeah...

Anyway.. Join if ya want! [You should, yep, though I dunno why. Go join!]...

Yep... Bye!
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But..., 02-18-04 3:58pm

I always thought... it was... Furuba...? *blinkish*

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Nyo.., 12-20-04 4:59am

::Sighs:: I'd join if I had a woohu account. ;_; Good luck with your community!

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