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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 7:08pm
Current mood: accomplished
i feel accomplished- i actually got a fair amount done today. go me! i also redesigned my woohu, so go check that out. i'm not sure what happened to my pic entry...guess i deleted it? wah.

other excitements of today: christine called me to procrastinate and we looked at lj communities about butts. lol. also, i went to the ortho-dentist (i went to both) and the orthodontist said i am completely "dismissed. " so no more braces visits for me. yay. its worth it in the end people, for those whose braces are discouraging you....i'm not quite sure why i'm rambling on about this either.

haha. my dad is funny. i was complaining that my friends all had something and he was like... "some of your friends have penises...and i'm not going to get you one of those." thanks dad.
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02-16-04 8:25pm

liz, i LOVE the journal. o s0o hawt. u know how to put it all together. +high five+

<3 bri.

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Re:, 02-16-04 10:23pm

a compliment from a journal master urself! i always love ur formats, even if i don't comment. thanks !

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02-16-04 9:25pm

whoooooooa. cute journal.

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Re:, 02-16-04 10:28pm

thanks :) i can always count on u for complimentary compliments. lol

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02-17-04 6:32pm

holy shit that phase thing was kickass!!!!!! awsome. i love it. hehe your dod is right, and i feel the same way. lol, i want a penis. :( lol. well ttyl, awsome journal

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02-17-04 8:24pm

i love the journal, especially the little blur when you go to another page. great job, it's really cute.


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