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theintervoice (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 10:57pm
Music: Megalataomaniac - INCUBUS!
Subject: your no jesus
wats up guys and girls

alot has happpend since i last updated...but i will give a taste of the EXTREME

i totaled my car, R.I.P. Mazda Protege 5 i am so mad, i have to walk everywhere ahhhh

POWERLINE will be playing at rock the river with a new band member, his name is kyle he is replacing ricky. bu ricky will not be forgotten and thats for sure. we have been practicing alot. we might be main stage so we will have 30 minutes of playing time and we will be playing before Fallen from the Sky and Protagonist.

i got the new incubus CD, really good oh ya

Friday- Sam had a "party" and was soo bad at first but then transformed it into a beer fest. we seriously had over 60 beers packed in his fridge, and we all fucked up his one bedroom apartment, kyle threw up all over the floor and i stabbed jose with a knife by accident. and some gurl peed her pants, and some other gurl kept flashing her tits like it was a fuking topless parade, so funny.

Saturday- i worked in the morning and hung w/e at night

Sunday- i cant remember

Today- i went to the mall
to be continued
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02-17-04 9:52am

sorry i know your still waiting haha i have short term memory lose . but i will cal you i promise hah and yeah ill see if i can come the 16th =)

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02-17-04 10:52am

I miss that thing..Ill be at rock the river supporting Powerline ...Eventho Palmetto owns more [[hmm whatever happen to that thing]]

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02-26-04 11:10pm

i called you=) finally haha

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