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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2004 at 10:16pm
Music: lucille star
Subject: release me and let me love again
owah my nite started out really shitty.

i talked to billy, and he said alot of crap about us to charlene and i was really sad.

this is charlene cheering me up.

Enchanteresse88 [8:31 PM]: hey
ImDrCharlene [8:31 PM]: hey its me i just wanted to tell you im sorry that billy is an asshole.I love you so much and trust me its all good. my brother is telling me how hot you are right now (both of them) and how they would love a chance with you. So you no you got something girl you just gotta find some guys that will know it too
Enchanteresse88 [8:31 PM]: lol
Enchanteresse88 [8:31 PM]: thank you
Charlene [8:32 PM]: billy has too many hoes crawling all over him so he doesnt know a good thing when its riding his dick.
Charlene [8:32 PM]: hehe thats alright
Charlene [8:32 PM]: my lil bro thinks its cute
Charlene [8:32 PM]: you guys are the perfect age for each other
Enchanteresse88 [8:32 PM]: what is cute?
Charlene [8:32 PM]: he says hell yea
Charlene [8:32 PM]: he has a thrid ball
Charlene [8:33 PM]: not
Enchanteresse88 [8:33 PM]: oh geeze
Charlene [8:33 PM]: no for real he wants u
Charlene [8:33 PM]: so you kow you fine
Charlene [8:33 PM]: just chill
Charlene [8:33 PM]: good things come to those who wait
Enchanteresse88 [8:33 PM]: i know lol
Charlene [8:33 PM]: and good things always come to those who arent loking
Charlene [8:33 PM]: billy prolly has a small cock anyways
Enchanteresse88 [8:34 PM]: lmao
rCharlene [8:34 PM]: so you cant really say he took your virginity
Enchanteresse88 [8:34 PM]: thats not very nice
Enchanteresse88 [8:34 PM]: i thought you were his friend
Charlene [8:34 PM]: neither is what hes doin to you
Charlene [8:34 PM]: i am
Charlene [8:34 PM]: i love him
Charlene [8:34 PM]: but i love you more

that made me feel a little better because she was trying so had to cheer me up.
i went to go and shower and when i got out my phone was vibrating ( woop!! ;])
and it was don!! this hot kid who was with us this weekend!

he talked to me for awhile and this is our aol convo. i heard him typing so i was like oh im going to suprise u with and IM whats your s/n.

Enchanteresse88 [9:50 PM]: surprise
Enchanteresse88 [9:50 PM]: lol
SumDorkyKid [9:50 PM]: ohhh i'm surprised! =-O
Enchanteresse88 [9:50 PM]: :D i knew you would be
SumDorkyKid [10:01 PM]: you know you can call me anytime you want
Enchanteresse88 [10:02 PM]: really?
Enchanteresse88 [10:02 PM]: ill keep that in mind ;)
SumDorkyKid [10:02 PM]: you better
Enchanteresse88 [10:02 PM]: lol, dont worry, i will
SumDorkyKid [10:05 PM]: alright i'm off to bed
SumDorkyKid [10:05 PM]: g'nite
Enchanteresse88 [10:05 PM]: night night
Enchanteresse88 [10:05 PM]: talk to you later

ahh hes so cute! he goes to college. southwest fl college i think im not sure. he is like 18 or 19 i think ill have to ask him. i feel bad cause i dont know. lol.

ok im gunna go i just thought id share that with you.
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02-18-04 5:22pm

Not to b noisy but I heard that ure not a virgin?

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Re:, 02-18-04 6:58pm

yea im not. i would talk to you about it but you didnt leave your name.

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Re: Re:, 02-18-04 11:19pm

whoo...ana you've come a long way thus's all good...hope you and the "cute guy" have fun...18....sizzle....hott....fine....gorgeous...babe....fin.

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Re: Re: Re:, 02-19-04 6:28pm

lmao nira, you a such a dork!
i love you.

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