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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2004 at 9:05am
Current mood: nervous
Music: Yes
FIU Jazz audition today at three. USF on saturday, UNF and Jacksonville U the next saturday. Concert next week. Musical is comming up, and state S&E after that. Maybe state concert after that.

I've got a little too much shit on my plate. I'm getting a little overwhelmed. Maybe after my auditions, it'll be a little bit better. I'm so nervous. For most of my auditions, I'm playing two standards, a ballad, and a latin from the Aebersald books. It's not that hard; I just play the head, and improv on those chord changes once or twice. I'm just worried about my improv. When I first started to improv, it was all by ear, so I played what sounded good. But anyone can play a Bb to F change by ear. These songs that I'm playing for my auditions are legit. songs, with legit. chords and changes. Improvising them by ear doesn't work for someone at my level. I don't know enough scales to put out a decent solo on any of these songs. At the most, I can get the root, 3rd, and 7th of any chord from just looking at it, but that's not very much. Scales are what's going to kill me. I'm fine with my majors, but I dont know my natural, harmonic, and melodic minors off hand. I know how they're constructed, what they're for, and how to use them, but I just haven't worked on them enough to play them from memory. I can play them off a sheet of paper, but all that shows is that I can sightread.... yea, I'm bad at that too. Well, atleast sightreading jazz. I've played more concert music than jazz in the last year, so counting straight is really ingrained into my brain, rather than swing.

I wouldn't be so worried about my auditions if I was just going to get accepted to their music dept., but I am going for scholarships. They want to give their money to the best and most talented, or those who they think can become the best and talented. I have potential to become friggen' awesome, but right now I'm just a mediocre player.

Almost forgot to mention: I got a superior on my solo, trio, and quartet at S&E. All three are eligable for state, but we decided not to do the trio, which is the hardest and sounds the worst.

Enough for today.
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02-18-04 9:53am

Ok, you are a fuckin awesome musician, I know you'll do great!

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