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fading-away (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2004 at 11:49pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: Radiohead
Subject: Periods Suck
I was at school when I found out I got my period. And today, of all days, was the day I decided to wear white pants, just this once.


Now my stomach feels all bloated, my energy's draining (maybe I should be sleeping instead of blogging, eh?), and I'm bitching like I've never bitched before at people closest to me.

Anyway. ^_^
School had a bake sale, stuffed my face like a pig. Valentine's Day came and went, stuffed my face like a pig. Mm.. chocolate. I'm surprised I haven't become a pig, lol. ithinkimgoingtocollapseanddiesoofftosleepigo. Off to sleep I go.
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02-23-04 3:14am

-snuggles- If it makes you feel better some similar happened to me. x3 I wore a nice outfit (black luckily) when we were soing out to San Fransisco, and on the pplan I started my period. But it wasn't light. it was REALLY heavy. <<; Really really heavy, and out of no where, so I was suffering with being uncomfortable and not bleeding on everything. ;___; It was horrible.

I know. You're probably like 'who the fuck are you?" xD I actually got on Woohu, it's been a while, but i"m not. <3 And I'm posting a comment. Omg!


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Re:, 02-24-04 12:46am

-snuggles back- XP Having your period sucks, especially on the plane! Oof. -pats-

You're back ^_^ -gives cookie-

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