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THE+ONE+I+LOVE (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2004 at 12:15am
Current mood: kinda pissed
someone please help me! i don't know what to do, if she hadn't been there last night and he would have done that i fear that i would have kicked his ass and lost her, that is my biggest fear in life right now, losing her, her friendship, i don't even think she cares for me like i do for her, i know that she don't as much as i Love her. but theres nothing i can do about it, i can't take it anymore, if he does that stupid shit again, i promise i'm gonna end of flipping out and doing something that i will feel needs to be done, and regret it... someone please help me and tell me what i'm suppossed to do? i feel that i can't even tell her how much i like her, i mean she knows i like her but she don't know how much. somone, someone who is really good with this type of stuff, please help me i'm stuck, i've liked this girl for so long, i've liked this chick since the fifth grade, i was goin out with erin miller and secretly liked this chick. i feel shes the one for me, i'm scared, i came out that i liked her last year, and told everyone, but my stomach hurts twice as much, i barely know what to say when i'm talkin to her, i don't know what to do, it seems like she likes me but then she don't! i mean i think she likes me cuz she acts like it when her brother isn't around, but when he's around she don't act like it! anyway i'm just glad that i have her friendship and no matter what i'll be happy for her and her life! i'm outtt! PEACE... this was my rant!
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