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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2004 at 9:41pm
Music: bright eyes
Subject: your eyes must do some raining, if youre ever gonna grow.
about 16 more days till seattle!!!
woop woop!

o man i was talking to don tonight,
read this.

Enchanteresse88 [8:52 PM]: well. i hope you can come down
SumDorkyKid [8:52 PM]: oh ya? why's that?
Enchanteresse88 [8:53 PM]: so maybe we can see eachother
SumDorkyKid [8:53 PM]: exactly what i was hoping you'd say
SumDorkyKid [8:55 PM]: well if not this weekend, i'll definately see you next weekend
SumDorkyKid [8:55 PM]: cause i'll be home for sure
SumDorkyKid [8:58 PM]: you'd probably have to sneak out wouldnt you?
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: lol yea
SumDorkyKid [8:58 PM]: kinda shitty
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: yea
SumDorkyKid [8:58 PM]: i dont want you getting in trouble for it now
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: i dont mind, its just shittty for everyone else
Enchanteresse88 [8:58 PM]: i wont
Enchanteresse88 [8:59 PM]: the only person home at night is my grandfather, and he wont come in my room if im sleeping
SumDorkyKid [9:00 PM]: if you say so
SumDorkyKid [9:00 PM]: i just dont want you getting in trouble so they like take away the interent and your phone so i wouldnt be able to talk to you
Enchanteresse88 [9:01 PM]: aww
SumDorkyKid [9:01 PM]: hey no need for the mushy stuff here
SumDorkyKid [9:01 PM]: haha
Enchanteresse88 [9:02 PM]: lol youre the one who said it
SumDorkyKid [9:02 PM]: shhh
SumDorkyKid [9:02 PM]: haha

dont you DARE say that isnt cute.


today was way boring. i mean it was just blahh. im thining of staying up way late tonight and just not going to school tomorrow.

might as well, cant dance.

collest word ever -> Anana, it means pineapple, in french.

man i love good moods. you just feel bubbly. and you dont want to stop smiling.

i feel better today. little things tell me people care. i love those things.

i wish i could be closer to some people. because they are awesome.

ceramics was crazy today.
james and i were civil.
thats right ladies and gents. today was THE day hell froze over.
and the latest news report told me some pigs started flying.

hehehe. everyone savor this, it wont last long.

say goodnight,

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02-24-04 10:26pm

aww you are so cute :)
pigs flying? whoa. i also heard some fat lady down the street start singing. coincidence?
i think not

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Re:, 02-25-04 8:59pm

it was no coincidence, it was dannon.


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