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billyfan (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2004 at 4:50am
Current mood: hey
Music: tic toc
Subject: hi
ma parents once again will not be home until 8. Where is the fuckin rain gone, now we have this god damn wind i like wind with dark clouds above, but not wind with sunny skies. i know it is like my law not to talk about other people on here but i will make an exception. i think that sara and i are starting to get along better. that is all i will say on that topic. well there goes my toast gotta find the peanut butter.
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02-26-04 9:13pm

Okay that last response to that friggin profile was 1 year ago.....i have changed in 1 year okay? i dont liek her anymore so dont even gimme that shit

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