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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2004 at 9:57pm
Current mood: indifferent
Music: Relient K...haha
Subject: So whats been going on...
wow lots of stuff...k hmm saturday had a piano competition...uhh got superior and going to state...yea! was planning on going to heather's surprise party but got stuck in orlando- wish i couldve been there heather! so sunday...finally got my car!!!! 98 Honda Accord-lightish gold color...hehe i love it!
-This week..yea def has been not one of the best ones...4 exams tuesday-pretty much did real bad on all of my economics test back today- that was just laughable ive never done so bad on a test before...that one will go in travis and cody's collection of "heather's bad grades" that they plan on looking at whenever theyre feeling bad..okk dude everyone is turning 16...we're all growing up ::tear:: This whole growing up process is going wayy to fast though...i mean 7 i miss being small enough to curl up in my mom's lap...
Relient K concert this weekend...woop woop hopefully we get a bus so we can go and it all works out...Jeff said he might take us to Cornerstone in May...that would be truly amazing...some great bands playing there... Softball game in Deland Friday...i gotta find a way to get back to Creek to see them play Seabreeze... ;)
Lifes been incredibly overwhelming and stressful...not quite sure why maybe cause of softball ::shrug::...i promise guys i will get back to normal- but for now ill apologize for acting different!

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02-26-04 6:35pm

hey girl! its okay that you couldn't come.. i totally understand.. being 16 is awesome.. only i have been it for a week and 1 day and its been great! you got a car! i wanna see it.. i bet its awesome..

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02-27-04 10:26pm

IM NOT 16!!! dont have to worry about me! im putting this growing up stuff off as long as possible... hahahaha exams are amazing.. i falied them allllll.... i think i have an a in history, drivers ed, and photo....thats the least amount of A's Ive ever had! ahhh what am i turning into! well dont ask my dad... hahaha....RELIENT K !! i would say what we are "reallly" going to do (according to dad) but.. might scare ppl.. hahah now we can just keep them in suspense.. lol hahahaha cant play deland.. its too cold! hahahaha oh well whatever! got to go to the baseball game! saw some old people we used to hang on with! Piggot...Joe campbell! johnny..not john... good times! cold... but good! Ive never had my toes so cold in my entire life! Go crazy act different! lol its your bday you can cry if you want to, cry if you wnat ... ok ill stop now! ** OH DUDE! guess what happened when you left the car.. dad used the brakes... brownie def flew forward splat into the back of the seat.....oooopsie daisie.... lolololol..... brownie crumbs, carmel, and walnuts EVERWHERE.... quite funny... dad hasnt noticed yet.. wont be funny i tried to take the napkin out of the package... maybe he wouldnt nitice... yeah pepper flew all around the car... i was sneezing up a storm.. car smells like pepper now.. hahahahaha

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You're sorry, 02-29-04 7:52pm

What the heck do you have to be sorry about? Don't make me give you the same lecture I gave Tim. You have officially lost your apologizing privilages

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