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billyfan (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2004 at 8:15am
Current mood: sad and i dont really no why
Music: MTV yaya
Subject: hey
Scott was such a jerk yesterday, he came up to our meeting with bartsch and i did not mind much, but i thought he should know hwy we have those fuckin meetings, so i showed him and sade it was fake and and so he told all his friends that i am so pissed off, i dont think ne of them remembe but that was really a close one cuz if ne otha teacher beside mr b finds out theywould surely tell ma parents. well i got to go finish ma project fo presentation day today in 4h blah boring. Sara i hope you feel beter! Sierra happy oops i forgot but remembered yesterday bithday, i no it was on wednessday but i will try and get yo present to ariel so she can give it to you on mon. or tues.
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04-03-04 1:34pm

youve deleted everything. i wonder why, would this be because of what i posted? iwas right, you were wrong. so deleting it wont make anything better.

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