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SepiaFlamingo (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2004 at 10:18pm
Current mood: cold
Music: "Shut your mouth" - Garbage
Subject: She's choking on her toxic of rotting hair and nails, hiding away in the small stairwell below. Do we help her? Do we shelter? The walls whisper no.
Me, my life is long with reasons few like you. When I go and when I'm gone, I'll understand these things I never knew.

Like dried up leaves turning cold black-
She's one of the fake; the quacks and the riff-raft. ...She's honing her leechcraft.

And by now I've brought myself up, no surprise to mom and dad. It's surgery, but with no knife-She'll make a great leechwife...

Her make-up's too cakey; catholics are pretty shakey. But maybe Candelabra's lighted. Or Satan will be sighted.

Can't anyone see it's all an act? The show was poor, but he still clapped.

...My dad's got a girlfriend...

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02-29-04 4:05pm

When she's standing next to ledge, casually bump her with your hip. If that isn't strong enough, take a bat and swing.

Just kidding. Trying to bring some humor in.

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