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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 2-29-2004 at 9:11am
Current mood: still sleepy
Music: Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"
Hey, so yesterday was a good day. Eagle-ette practice in the morning wasn't too bad. Our dollies got their dresses lol. If my camera had any batteries i would post a pic of that.

Afternoon consisted of watching TV. Then at night, natalia, christini, rach, sam and I went out to Fridays. Fridays was fun, its really nice spending time with everyone outside of school in a relaxed atmosphere. Christine had a hair in her food, but they didn't give us free icecream :( lol. Sex and the Sam. After we went to coldstones, and then just hung out at a table outside of "panarhea" bread (rhymes with gonorhea, our poor sammy can't pronounce panera :) lol. TobAcco. After we went back to natalia's and watched a sex + the city episode. Then the night ended for me, i was sleepy! lol. thanks for a nice night girls- luv u :)
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hmm.., 02-29-04 7:18pm

Heh, when you guys were at panera bread, did you go around calling out "ini-panini", like you do when I get food from there.......or einsteins...

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