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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 2-29-2004 at 4:04pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: MxPx
Yeah we went to the attic friday and saturday it was awesome lol we met sooo many people....We met Alex, Andrew, Brandon, Mark, Kinda met Craig Matt and Zac, some other kid i forget his name lol and prolly alot more well anyways Alex is in a band with Craig Matt and Zac called Bank 9 and they're REALLY awesome!!!! He doesnt think they are but whatever.....anyways Alex is really hot i think him and Tiffany like each other :D well i dont really have much to not in the best of moods right now im sick and i loosed my voice....yeah. hmmm. i went and saw the passion was really really sad. but good too. I think this andrew kid likes me. maybe. yeah he does he told tiffany. well anyways.....goodbye-
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I luve you, 02-29-04 8:16pm

did andrew call you ?? i think you to should get to kno each other better lol.. that would be so pimp.. i had fun this weekend lol with alex... he super nice.. wow lol anyhow call me i love you BUH BYE...

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