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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 2-29-2004 at 4:20pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: Blink-182 "All of This"
Subject: bah :(
well just when i thought things were ok, they're not. he just broke up with me for like no real reason. so i emailed him back *yes it was in an email* and am trying to win him back. heh i doubt that will happen tho. he doesn't want us to really change, he still wants to hang out and talk often just as friends tho. I'm not really sure why. he's made me happier than i have been in awhile. so i dunno. I haven't talked to him since thursday cause i've been grounded for a week. but dad said he could come over today but he was gone when i called. *shrugs* i duno what's gonna happen. things just seem really different between us than with any other person. i dunno. maybe i'm just wishing for something that won't happen. i just don't know anything anymore. i've been in a depressed mood all week cause i haven't been able to be around him, and now that i can be it won't be the same. i just want us to be together but more than that i want him happy. that's what i've wanted for the longest time. I've always adored him, and i just want to see him truely happy.
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Re, 02-29-04 7:17pm

Hun that really sucks especially when he doesn't even give a good enough reason. But I have a guestiion? Does it have anything to do with his Ex?Call me if you need to talk.

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