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Janice_2001 (profile) wrote,
on 3-2-2004 at 8:45pm
Current mood: annoyed
Hey, today was one messed up day. Alisha Shepard said she wanted to do rounds with me cuz Her and I got into a fight. I said lets go and I will show her how it feels. Anyway, people these days wow, they are messed up. I hate most people in Cedar Springs cuz they don't know how to mind there business and if they do they are fucking cocky as hell. Chris and I are comin up on our Year and 9 month and I can't wait. I Love him so much and he makes me happy. Well, I'm gonna go...

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03-03-04 2:36pm

you do realize that if you've broken up with him before, its not really a year and nine months, right?

and it seems to me that you are more messed up than anyone else in cedar. doesn't it tell you something when NO ONE can stand you? lets think about this.... "hmmm, no one likes me, it must be because THEY'RE all retarded, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that i'm a stupid bitch"

and if you want people to mind THEIR (not there, dumbass) own business, maybe you shouldn't post your shit in here

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Re:, 03-03-04 2:38pm

you're right. and when she does post shit in here, she always posts it like five times. not the same post five times, but the same info five times

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