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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 3-4-2004 at 1:19am
Check out my Morality! 71% liberal, 29% conservative

Eh. I'm not disorganized like they claim, nor am I THAT disagreable outwardly. I'm just an internally critical person. Cynic, jaded, sarcastic, but not to most people, only the ones I know very well. Ok, maybe I am disagreable. Heh. I am an introvert, and yes, I am rather close-minded, to stupid people. Lol.

I do think I'm more of a conservative than a liberal, but meh.
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yeah same her, 03-07-04 11:34pm

i thought i was a lot more conservative than they thought i was. i'm a lot more conservative on economics/budget policy but they had next to no questions on that. meh. that thing wasn't that great. it was more about issues than philosophy.

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Re: yeah same her, 03-09-04 3:39am

Exactly. A person's stance on abortion or religion does not necessarily relate to general conservative/liberalviews.

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