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CandiKisses2010 (profile) wrote,
on 3-4-2004 at 6:46am
Current mood: P.I.S.E.D
HeHe like the mood Amy! :)... but ya UgH I could really just punch any1 in the face right now... I can't believe how inconsiderate some people are in this fuckin think you found some1 who acts different than every1 else and then come to find out they are just the same! Every1 believes everything they hear, every1 likes to assume things, and UgH I hate life and 99.9% of the people in it... But I am glad I know who my real friends are cuz they aren't afraid or w/e to ask me about sumpin they hear... Thanx Guys I Luv You! BUT as for the rest of you FUCK OFF cuz I don't need anymore stress than what is already in my life... But we aren't gonna get into that shit cuz I dont want to... but yeah I don't know why I had to write this but I just needed to get it off my shoulders!
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03-04-04 3:04pm

Yeah Im sorry I know what your talking about since you told me but people always think they are right just because they heard something from some one else.

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Re:, 03-04-04 4:02pm

i totally agree. hes bein ignorant, and not listening. he may be hearing, but not listening.

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