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H2OforDuo (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2004 at 1:40am
Subject: Seven Days A week, The Sounds.
I have just returned for my very first concert. Oh my fugging GOD! IT WAS AMAZING! I saw Ima Robot(Who I didn't like much), Kill Hannah (Who were AWESOME) and The Sounds, Whowere by far the best thing I've ever seen. Ever. I smell like cigaret smoke though. ^_^; It's worth it. It's so worth it. I went with Kelly and met this guy who loved my nightmare before christmas hoodie and worshiped TIm Burton just like I do! ^________^ He was gay, though, I'm sure. I didn't get his e-mail address either! ; . ; I think I'm in love with the Keyboard player from The Sounds. He was sexy! And he took off his shirt! hehe ^______^;; I still love Hunter more, lol. But he was hott. He looked a lot like Pentaice. A Lot. (Only Nee will know what that means) His hair was like that only brown. He was cute! Ehem. Any who, it was AMAZING! The other two bands didn't really have a keyboard player. And he was playing a Moog sounding synth, too. The lady from The Sounds was all over the stage, dancing and singing and standing on the drums, kicking her feet and all sorts of stuff. And Kill Hannah wasn't half bad either! Man, they both rocked so hard!Eeeeeee! It was so cool. But I smell like cigaret smoke. I hope dad doesn't think I was smoking. I'll have to take a shower. It's 2:06 AM right now. Oi. These stoned dudes came up behind me and pulled my hoodie over my head and were like, in slured words, "Who rocks you? THE SOUNDS ALL THE WAY!" I'm like "Would you like a sticker?" I was helping Kelly promote some cool stuff, and they're like, "No, I don't want any more drugs, I'm already on cokane and weed" And walked off.....
Yea. o.O
But I didn't see anyone selling drugs...yay.
The main singer of the Sounds looked like a mentor of mine from a while back, only younger. I almost cried...
Of course, that could have been from all the smoke.

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03-06-04 8:29pm

Yeah, I rock don't I? Hahaha. It was fun. Glad you liked it.

- Kelly

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