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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2004 at 12:19am
Current mood: dirty
Music: my neighbors music
Subject: the return to normal
soo...i dont really remember thursday throug saturday that well...that sounds worse than it actually was but still
Had fun times with lyndsay and meriah and andrea thursday and friday nights
Last night lyndsay called me at my dads house and told me her boyfreind broke up with her(in a sensce0 so i took a raincheck on sleeping at my dad and headed home to play doctor to my bummed out freind. You know it started there but i have no idea how it ended the way it did. IF you fast forward like 2 hours you have 6 tipsy girls, 5 druuuunk neighbor guys, 3 other guys drinking 2 dollar boonsfarm and playing mustang sally on the ukelaleigh(sp?), plus other scgraglers that came later in the night or morning i should say...and let me tell you what 3 ppl slept in my bed last night....and none of them were me. lol. so not wanting to say that thats the only way i knew how to keep lyndsay happy..but im glad it happened the way it did. SHe cried when she wanted and laughed when she wanted...and thats what i wanted her to be able to do....still only got like 5 hours of sleep what happeneds when you go to bed sometime after 5 in the morning and wake up to your giggling freind ON YOU asking for

now trying to get back to normal before work at 4:( im not excited but im soo poor and im going ona criuse in 3 weeks!!!
yip yip
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