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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2004 at 3:11pm
Current mood: good
Music: Destruction by Definition
Subject: "Lisa Simpson; master of the double life."
I'm Lisa Simpson. I play the baritone sax and am pretty good at it, I'm a big fucking nerd, I'm smarter than my parents, I dont believe in Church, I'm the good one in the family, my talents are underappreciated and are going to waste, I hate living at home, and I lead a double life. Yes folks, I'm Lisa Simpson.

Anyways, I finished my auditions over a week ago. The rides up to Tampa and Jacksonville were nice. USF was rad. I really want to go there. I loved the campus, and all the people. JU and UNF were rather disappointing after seeing USF. On a fucking saturday afternoon, the campuses were dead. Not one student walking around, chillin, or doing anything. Were there actually any students at these schools? I don't know. The campuses weren't even half the size of USF. The only thing I liked was that UNF had an immaculate music building. My audition there sucked though. They didn't want to hear much of me playing, and Bunky got mad at me for playing a Melodic Minor with a Natural Minor descending. Bastard. My USF audition wasn't too bad, but I cant be too sure that it will give me a spot in their program. It was the best audition I did for a school I wanted to go to though. My FIU audition sucked, but fuck that school. Them and their asshole jazz director can eat me. JU was my best audition. The guy fucking loved me. The jazz director, the guitar teacher and I jammed for almost a half hour. It barely felt like an audition. I thought that was great, but the campus sucked, and the music building was old and was obviously not intended to be a music building when it was first built. It reminded me of the high school from the Wonder Years. They didn't have much to offer me other than money to cover their big private school tuition. Fuck them.
I'm still waiting to hear back from UNF and USF. I want to hear back from FIU, but just because I was told to talk to the dean of music and tell him how much of an asshole his Jazz director is. Well thats it. Pretty worthless entry. I'm done
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