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candysweet14 (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 3:48pm
Music: clickity clickity
Subject: what ho? a foe?
Um...yeah. Hi everypeople. Greetings from Place!! Actually...I'm not at place. I'm at school in the library. W00T!!! what now, dawg? lol. Anyway, I'm having fun and its a two hour class today so I get to be in here for an hour and 45 minutes. yay! Today my friend Sam left her backpack at the table to go get a bite to eat and my friends who always sit at that table hate Sam. So they threw her backpack in the dirt near a tree. Oh! and in ChemPhys...we made icecream. But mostly it just turned out to be a sugary milkshake type thing. So yeah. But anyway, think fast *throws football and watches it hit you in the forehead* Pffh, your slow. What are ya? a lamp? Lamps don't think that fast either. I was dared to wear a skirt today and I did. I wore this black velvet skirt with with little diamond lookin things on it. I also wore those purple and black checkered socks i got from claires in ponca city. I wore muh big black boots too. This girl who has more flab than me weighs 129 pounds. I feel so fat. *sad face* thats it! Im going on a strike!...from....eating!! *blinks* I've done it before. I can do it again. Well, the table is shaking for some reason(I think its the guy beside me. he keeps shaking his leg) so Im gonna go. Later muh peeps! I MISS YOU GUYS! $~*Muah*~$
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03-11-04 1:57pm

Hi Candice!......*waves*....What you been up to?

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