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skittlicious (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 4:10pm
I need a fresh start, a new place, a new everything. My mom is always talking about North Carolina and when I graduate, that's where shes moving, cause she doesn't want to take me away from here, cause it's where I've been my whole life, maybe we can move now. I think I'd actually like that :-\

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03-10-04 5:49pm

dowdster, i know what u mean about the new start thats how i felt about when i left ohhs and went to river.. but really your problems follow you and seem to get worse.. it's gay.. but maybe you just have to leave and go very far away.. but don't do it.. even tho we don't talk at all.. just a piece of mind thats probably useless.. peace out mandy

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<3 danielle, 03-11-04 9:18am

u are not allowed to leave. nope nope nope..ill miss u too much. i wont have my love to hug ne more! starting over is a scary thing...sometimes its harder then people think. i love u kid...and am there for u if u ever feel like u need nething at all...even a booger....just dont leave...:)

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