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Lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 6:57pm
Current mood: okie
Music: Usher "yea"
Subject: Ursher got the beats to make ur booty go ____
ladeda. just came back from my loggers run camp interview. it was kinda funny- one of the other applicants was this girl camila that was in my kindergarten class. lol. The interview was given by three guys, one anne's brother. I was a little nervous but i think i did okay. Hopefully that'll work out and i'll have a counseling job during the summer cuz that is what i like to do during the summer! besides relax :)

Day: NRT math went a bit too quick but thats okay. Natalia + Greta played a trick on me, they said greta had lice, and that resulted in me itching my head the rest of FCAT! Bananafish...nothing much else...bus was okay- i love u natali!
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03-10-04 7:08pm

camila lopez? she went 2 elms...

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Re:, 03-10-04 7:58pm


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03-10-04 8:17pm

i worked there one summer it wasn't too bad!! The little kids are so cute and are a lot more respectful then the older kids and you learn that really fast!! Well good luck with the job!!

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03-10-04 8:28pm

*itches her head* uh oh, something fell out of my hair... ahhh, it's alive! >_<

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