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toofasttolivetooyoungtodie (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 7:14pm
Current mood: Depressed
Music: Story Of The Year
Well today has been gay....i dunno why its like im in a good mood (GREAT MOOD) for a while and outa nowhere either something will set me off or it'll just happen anyways and i get really pissed off and sad....its like the stupidest stuff too or sometimes nothing at all. Im so sick of this life. Fucking Mrs. Perna's pissing me off today we took this test cuz yesterday we took one and NO ONE had any idea of what was going yeah we ALL failed so they made it into two parts and gave us a cheat sheet, well i STILL didn't understand it OR the cheat sheet but i still tried really hard cuz i mean i don't want to fail TWO classes and yeah i really did try but i only did about 5 out of 17 problems and i kno i only got 2 right....YEAH.....MAJOR FAILAGE THERE!!!!! lol Well anyways Mr. Muntz was like "you might wanna take a look at this" to Mrs. Perna and she started yelling at me about how i didn't "put any effort" into it and i "never put any effort into anything" and all this other bull shit and i TOLD her i did like a million times and all she said was "thats what the cheat sheets for" even tho i told her i didn't understand THAT EITHER!!!!!!!! Finnally i was like whatever and walked away but then she started yelling at the WHOLE FUCKIN class and that REALLY pissed me off so i yelled at her and said "SORRY IM TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!" and yeah she kicked me out of class....but whatever shes such a bitch i swear i FUCKIN HATE HER!!!!!!!!! ANyways.....yeah.......she thinks she knows everything, and that really pisses me off she acts like she knows SOOOO FUCKIN much about "kids today" when we have disscussions she always talkes about peer presure and smoking and shit like "yeah its hard i kno you'll all do it if you haven't already" and all this other bull shit saying "if you don't you'll get made fun of and you wont get to be in the group" I MEAN COME ON THERES NO FUCKIN PREASURE TO DO ANY OF THAT SHIT AND EVEN IF THERE WAS ITS YOUR STUPID ASS WHO DOES IT MOST PEOPLE DON'T AND YOU DEFINATELY DON'T GET MADE FUN OF!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY SHES SO FUCKIN RETARDED I WOULD KNO I'VE BEEN IN THAT SITUATION BEFORE AND SHE GOT PISSED OFF AT ME WHEN I WAS ARGUING WITH HER ABOUT IT AND I WAS LIKE "I THINK I'VE BEEN IN THIS SITUATION A BIT MORE TIMES THAN YOU HAVE!!!!!" and yeah....seriously....shes a fuckin idiot....WO Blink 182's coming!!!!!!! WITH THE USED!!!!!!! WooT w00t!!!!!!!!! Im gonna try to go to all 3 in Ohio but yeah if i can't DEFINATELY THE ONE WITH THE USED and then the one a month later in June....hmmm....and we got WARPED coming up!!!!!!!!! ::throws arms up:: WooT w00t!!!!!!!!! well anyways im gonna go now. -
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03-11-04 1:05pm

Leah i love you lol .. call me alter ok sorry i didnt come to school today you an erica are cammong over tomaro after school tho okay cuz im defiantly comming to school tomaor i jus didnt want to taday

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