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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2004 at 11:57pm
The Wedding Planner is shit. I've had a rather good day today, good business class, got reading done, planning for next year.

I got into residence again, then not the same building; it's still a four bedroom suite style, just different, less logical layout. The building is an architectural disaster, but I get an oven to make up for that. Hee! That's exciting, people! I'll probably be living with a current roommate, which is great.

Yay for Pen Salesman and George "I look 40" Huff on American Idol! Not that anyone knows what I'm talking about.
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03-11-04 2:07am

the only american idol guy i know is william hung. (the "she bangs!" guy), and apparently he has his own website, and a pictured list of the girls who want to marry him. its hilarious!

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Re:, 03-13-04 7:30pm

or sad. Just very very sad.

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