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RagDoll (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2003 at 9:41am
Flying Chicken? |01:36pm]
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Got the last of the gifts out; the rest is in S's hands.

I took the time to walk to MBE and went wandering afterwards. There's a rare bookstore that's never open (My favorite kind. I want to run one of those one day), clothing shops with pretty outfits, lots of special interest places, and food. I wanted to try something different, so I went looking.

I found Flying Kitchen.

First off, if you enter the place, you will never call it flying kitchen. Simply because on the window is this adorable japanese-pop-style image of a chicken. Chicken and Kitchen is too close. So far, I've had to rewrite this paragraph twice so that I make sure to write the proper name for the place.

The menu looked good. Japanese fastfood fare. However, everything kept proclaiming the 'healthfulness' of the food. If you know me at all, I could use some 'healthfulness'.

The interior looked like a japanese fast food place, i.e. no japanese kitsch at all. The sole employee (I'm assuming it's the proprietor, Keitaro Yamaguchi) was playing a solitare variant on his laptop. Very cheerful fellow, spoke broken english, which was fine since my japanese was far worse. I asked for the teriyaki bowl and Miso soup. I then went to get a paper.

The food was ready when I got back. Teriyaki chicken, Rice, broccoli and carrots on the side. The miso soup was seriously veggie laden. It was fantastic. a light, but somewhat spicy sauce, sesame seeds everywhere, and the feeling after eating that I was full and done. That never happens. I was expecting to get lunch and then go to jamba juice or something. I couldn't even finish my soda. I haven't felt this way in a long time. So this is 'healthfulness'.

The ambience the place was heightened by the japanese music playing in the background. I can't call it j-pop, because it doesn't sound like the stuff we know of as j-pop. It was...Japanese lounge music. Some of it had a strange noir feel, some was trying for a western riff, one was just some poor bastard who had apparently broken up with 'Laura'. Poor guy. He was really torn up. It was all loungey torchy stuff...Perfect karaoke music. It really heightened the experience.

There was a comment card on the table, and I filled it out. By the time I was done with my meal, the lunch crowd was coming in.

It's 2 hours later, and I'm still full. Fantastic food, and the service was fun. I love this new place.

Flying Kitchen
2863 N. Clark

(773) 880-6681

Just don't call it Flying Chicken.

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No sleep. New schedule for Christmas, that will work nicely, and days off on appropriate days.

Full of popcorn chicken. Yummy.

Saw lord of the rings last night....

I know there will be complaints. I could care less about the complaints. No one should be critiquing this movie until the last limited edition DVD is available and you're willing to commit to the 10+ hours to watch everything.

Peter Jackson this time around was able to show you what a great war looks like in all its awfulness.

He was able to make you pity gollum.

Legolas: Still so pretty.

There are key critters in LOTR that are at last seen. Fucking wow.


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Today has high potential for loveliness.

Last night, I received gifts from my mother in Law, and G. Truly a victorian motherlode. A Kaleidescope, a bound journal, a music box...

And...Wow. A gold manually winding pocketwatch with exposed parts. I could watch it all day.

Hee. Now I actually have an old-school hypnosis tool!

Today, GV comes to visit. A friend long missed in my heart. So much left unsaid.

After she goes, it's dinner with DS and SS. Fun critters.


Life is sweet.

Now if I could only find some pulleys, some straps, some wire, corset, tights, mask with straps, wig, and a victim, it would be a perfect christmas.

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oh flirty/rerrs, 01-01-03 9:54am

That is cool. I should specify that I KNOW what a kaleidescope is--christ, I'm not Rich. I also know that the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand started WWI. But ordinarily, when speaking of what one does when using said object, the preferred phrase is, "playing with a kaleidescope". When presented with the phrase "we should play kaleidescope," I was confused. Perhaps you were speaking of some new fangled video, or role playing, game. Because that is how this phrase is most generally used. For example: "let's play house, let's play duck hunt, let's play doctor"... you can see the misunderstanding. To specify even further, I had many a kaleidscope as a child. I love them.

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Flying Chicken....., 01-01-03 9:57am


I walked by that place every day while I was visiting you over Labor Day, Rowan. And it took me until that Sunday to call it Flying Kitchen :) I almost stopped in a few times during those walks, too; but just never did.

Sounds like a mistake that must be remedied here in a week or so.

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rerrs, 01-01-03 9:58am

TAKE ME! (to the Flying Kitchen...if clarification was necessary...)

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